National costs for event planners in the UK generally range from £300 to £600, this can then vary based on the type of event, experience of the event planner, and size of the event. To find out more about how these factors could influence your event planning rate, have a read through the full article below.

Event Planning Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £300
UK National Maximum Cost £600
UK National Average Cost £450
Average Range £300 – £600

Included in This Price Guide

Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner

Birthdays, anniversaries, conferences. These events all have one big thing in common: they need proper planning in order to be successful! From the invitations to the decorations to catering, a lot of work goes into pulling off an excellent event.

This can feel overwhelming to do on your own. But you can ensure the best results by enlisting the services of a professional event planner. They will look after coordinating as much of the event as you need, so all you need to do is enjoy the results! But before you say yes to event planning, you will need to know what sort of help you can receive. This will make sure you get what you need.


A good event planner can help with all aspects of your event. Whether it’s planning or envisioning, coordinating or executing your event, a professional makes sure your event takes place without any issue. Of course, this help does come at a cost.

But when you know what help you are getting, you can discern how the fee for these services is calculated to ensure you are getting what you need. Read on for some factors that can influence the cost to ensure you know exactly what a pro’s help costs to work out an accurate budget.

Type of Event

Although there are many shared elements involved in the planning process, different types of events come with their own unique sets of challenges and requirements. It’s important to determine the type of event to ensure you have what you need.

Celebrations are one of the most popular reasons to hold an event. From engagements to anniversaries, from birthdays to graduations, there are many causes that deserve a gathering of people. 

Although some of the key elements will be the same, such as decorations or party favours, tailoring these for your particular celebration is a must. Of course, you may need to dive even deeper to further customise these elements. A birthday party for a child, for example, will look very different than one held for a teen or even an adult.

Other events may come only at certain times. A wedding is a major life event. It takes a lot of planning but is a great way to celebrate love. Seasonal parties are another type of event that is time-sensitive, marking important moments throughout the year such as Christmas, warm summer weather or other holidays.

And of course, there are special dates of your own making! Some events are held to both celebrate and help prepare for special occasions. A baby shower is a great way to get ready to welcome a new addition to the family. Bridal showers and stag or hen parties also help people prepare for a new chapter in their lives by celebrating with family and friends.

The business world also has occasions that require event planning. Conferences, product launches or networking events need to be as professional as possible. With an event planner, every detail will be looked after and contribute to the overall success of your business. If you work for a non-profit, fundraisers can be valuable ways to raise money for your charity. An event planner can make your event unique and wonderful, the perfect vehicle to put attendees in a giving mood.

Supplies For Event

Most of the time, you may not have the exact number of supplies you need to pull off an event already on hand. This can range from ordinary items like tables and chairs to more unusual things like tents! Thankfully, rentals can make sure you have enough items to cover your event.

Going this route will ensure that your chairs and tables match, helping you create the look perfect look for your event. But if this isn’t possible, never fear. Your event planner can also help you source chair covers that will make everything look complimentary.

Additional Help at The Event

Depending on the size of the event, your event planner may need extra help to pull it off. After all, many hands make light work! From decorating a large venue quickly with your selected decorations to setting up on the day of your event to clean up, it’s important that these steps are done on the proper schedule.

Your professional will advise as to the extra help they will need for the party, such as helping with management or supplying catering services and a team of servers to ensure guests are happy and well-fed.

Extra help does add to the cost of your party, of course. Keep this in mind if your event planner requires additional help for a planning aspect, but the help will be worth it for your amazing event!


A lot of time goes into planning your party, but this is only part of what it takes to pull off a great event. You will also need to make time for set up and clean up for the event itself! This time varies depend on the type and scope of your event. A big dinner party, for example, requires the set up of tables and catering. A wedding may have a meal portion as well as a dance — meaning that much more set up is required, often during the event itself!

The length of time you use your pro will influence the cost of your event as the more help you need, the more it may cost! But your event planner can be brought in at any stage of this process to help.


You need to be confident in your event planner’s skills and abilities. From creating a vision for the venue to organizing every single detail, you want to look for someone with the experience to back up their claims.

Take a look at a planner’s online profile for qualifications and check for a portfolio. This will help you determine the type of parties the expert has created before and visualise the work they can do for you. You will also want to read reviews from previous clients to help you get a sense for their organization and abilities.


Working with a local event planner can be extremely reassuring. Typically, this means your pro will be working with local vendors so all of your supplies will be available on time to make your event a success. You will need to meet with them a few times to iron out all of the details. It can be convenient to have someone local so your travel time is kept to a minimum.

But sometimes this is not an option. In these cases, you can even work remotely with your event planner! This is especially helpful if you love the style of an event planner who is a little further than you — or they — are willing to travel. Connecting remotely with your pro will also keep travel costs down for both of you!

Planning an event can incorporate a wide range of services! Easily compare costs for some of the most popular event services on Near Me and start planning your event budget!

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There’s no need to worry about every detail about your event with a planner. You can be confident they have every single thing looked after to make your event a success.

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