Dance lessons generally cost £50 to £90 per lesson. Depending on the style of dance, the length of your lessons, and how often you plan to take lessons, this cost could vary.

Working with a good instructor is the best way to learn to dance! You can benefit from their attention and experience with dance lessons.

Expect to see dance instructors listing hourly rates or a cost per lesson. Since most lessons are one hour in length, this number is often the same.

You'll need to know how many lessons you plan to take (or are included in a series of lessons) to work out the total cost.

Dance Lesson Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £50
UK National Maximum Cost £90
UK National Average Cost £70
Average Range £50 – £90

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There are many reasons why you might be looking for dance lessons. Perhaps it's part of your preparation for a wedding or other special event. Then again, you might also want to become more active while learning a new skill. No matter what your motivation, dance is a great way for kids to learn coordination and discipline.

Style of Dance

When you start your search for dance lessons, consider what style of dance you hope to learn. You'll need to find a dance instructor who specialises in that style to get the most out of your lessons.

Swing, ballroom, and tango are all impressive dances for special events. These dances are great to learn, especially if you want to take lessons with a partner.

You may fancy learning an energetic Latin dance like the salsa or an intense modern dance. Hip hop and contemporary dances are very popular as well and will make you the envy of the dance floor.

Performance-based dances include ballet and tap. You won't usually break these out at a wedding reception, but they're great to learn.

Your Goals

Whether you'd like to learn some basic steps or hope to become a proficient dancer, a dance instructor will help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you're interested in dance as a hobby. Dancing can be fun to learn and can also help you to relieve stress.

Any style of dance will get you moving. Modern dances tend are often great workouts. You can get fit in a fun way and pick up great dance skills.

Then, you may want to learn for a wedding or special event. Ballroom or swing dancing is sure to impress your guests. Be the life of the party and lead the way to the dance floor!

Your Experience Level

Even if you haven't taken a lesson before, you likely still have a sense of rhythm. Knowing how to move to the beat will help you when it comes to dancing lessons.

There are many dance classes designed for beginners as well. Start with the basics and then work towards more advanced steps. Keep in mind that some dances, like ballet, are more difficult. It takes more time to learn a complicated dance like ballet, but it can be done.

Make sure to let your instructor know if you have any previous dance experience. This can help them set up a lesson plan or help place you within the right learning group.

Private vs. Group Lessons

You can learn how to dance by taking private or group lessons. Some learn better with private instruction. Others love the social aspect of a big group lesson!

Private lessons are more costly but work well if you need to learn quickly. You can enjoy focused attention from your instructor for faster results. Private lessons are also popular for couples learning to dance together for special occasions.

With group lessons, you'll meet new people in your classes. You'll gain experience from dancing with multiple partners and learning from each other as well. This can give you practice dancing on a crowded floor too! Group lessons can also help you cut costs. Most group lessons are less costly in comparison to private lessons.


Each dance lesson is usually about one hour long. This gives you enough time to warm up and learn different moves or positions. An hour-long session also provides ample opportunity to practice what you've learned!

Think back to your dancing goals. Schedule a longer series of lessons to become proficient at a certain dance. Dancing on a regular basis will help you get better, so make sure to attend every lesson!

Most dance instructors recommend weekly lessons. If you want more less-intensive instruction, go for a bi-weekly schedule instead. Talk to your instructor to work out the best solution.


Your instructor's past experience is very important. A ballet instructor won't help if you want to learn how to tap!

Professional dancers may turn to teaching to share what they know of their art. Be mindful that instructors with more experience may charge a higher hourly rate for their lessons. Group lessons like the ones described above can keep costs down.

References from previous students and reviews can give you an idea of what classes are like. You could learn about your instructor's strengths and their teaching style. They can also tell you things they loved about their instructor and the styles of dance they learned.


There may be more dance instructors working out of large cities, and you should be able to find someone close by! However, keep in mind that it costs more to live in a city. A city-based dance instructor may have higher hourly rates as a result.

It can be easier for you to travel to a dance studio than to have your instructor come to you. If this is the case be sure to budget for transportation costs.


Dance instructors may also offer a series of lessons in a package. These packages will typically stretch over a set number of weeks to allow for a certain number of class hours.

A package might be a good option for you as it outlines the skills you should have by the time it's complete. You can still pick a package based on the type of dance you'd like to learn. You might even see a lower cost when booking a package over paying for individual lessons.

Cost Comparison of Dance Lesson Styles


No matter what style you're interested in, it's a great idea to learn to dance. Dancing can help you get fit and relieve stress. You'll also get out and meet new people in a group lesson.

You may also want dancing lessons for a specific reason. Easily prepare for a special event with private lessons. Then your instructor will make sure you're ready for your big day.

A dance instructor can answer any questions you might have along the way as well. If you have concerns about your ability to dance, they can set you on the right track.

Once you’ve figured out the type of dance you’d like to learn, take the first step! Submit a free request for bids by answering a few questions on Near Me. We'll help find you a great local dance instructor!