In the UK the average cost of a wedding decorator is approximately £39 – £41 per hour. Depending on your wedding decorator this rate could vary to reflect years of experience as well. To find a wedding decorator that fits your wedding budget, simply submit a detailed request describing your wedding decorating plans then, compare costs to find a top wedding decorator!

Wedding Decorating Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £39
UK National Maximum Cost £41
UK National Average Cost £40
Average Range £39 – £41

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Why Should You Hire a Wedding Decorator?

When you’re planning a wedding, every detail counts. From the big things like the dress and the venue to the details of your wedding decorating, it’s important that you have everything looked after in advance of the big day. This way, your day will simply come to life as you celebrate with your love and loved ones.

Of course, making sure that decorating comes together can feel like a huge job. First, you need to decide on the perfect look for your wedding. Only then can you arrange for the necessary pieces, bring it all together on the big day, and make sure it is taken down afterwards. Sometimes, all this work can take away the joy of the wedding itself. For this, you’ll want to hire a professional wedding decorating to help with as many of these steps as you like to make it a day to remember.


Before you ask just anyone to help you with wedding decorations, you’ll need to make sure you have someone who is qualified for the task. In order to do so, you’ll need to know what to ask for! You can ask for the perfect type of help — whether it’s discovering what you want for your decor in a consultation or exploring the logistics of getting the decor setup as you envision. But before you do, learn about what you should include in your request to ensure you are getting the help you need.

Decor Options

There are many different ways to decorate for a wedding. Flowers are one of the most popular ways to add beauty to a wedding, from decorating during the ceremony to the reception. Choosing your favourite flowers is a great way to feature your personal tastes throughout your wedding. It also helps create the perfect atmosphere for this important day.

Other areas you’ll want to consider include the lighting. Will you want it bright and inviting, or choose mood lighting? Does the hall have adequate options, or should your decorator look into options for other lighting sources such as hanging string lights or lanterns?

Plus, you’ll also want to remember other areas that need decorating such as the chairs and tables for the reception. Banners, signs, centrepieces and place cards are necessary to make this space work for your wedding. It can also drastically change the space to suit your vision. You’ll also want to think about what to do for wedding favours! Remember the personal touch too. Pictures of the happy couple help to set the stage for a day full of joyful celebrations. Your decorator can come up with ideas and organize them.

Wedding Theme

A theme helps makes sure that every part of your big day aligns, making planning easier. Therefore, your decorating needs to support your wedding’s overall theme. Eras are always popular as are decorating with a feature colour. Some popular themes, such as a glamorous one featuring gold accents or one that includes rustic touches and greenery throughout, can be a great way to make your wedding come together, from the invitations to the end of the reception.

This theme doesn’t need to be complicated, however. If you favour simple styles, make sure your decorating matches. You won’t want to go with overly complicated backdrops when you favour a minimalist style. Reduce the number of decorations you have for the most impact.

If you aren’t sure what kind of theme would make sense for your wedding, you can always check with your wedding decorating expert to see what advice they have. Based on your daily style, they’ll offer ideas to help focus your wedding plans and decorations.

Type of Decorating Project

Once you know the elements contained in your decor, whether it’s flowers, lights or fabric, you need to let them know about the type of project. Do you envision centrepieces for your table or arrangements for your tables? If your ceremony is taking place in a church, will you be decorating the altar at the front of the space or the pews? This information helps your expert plan out the perfect decorations to suit the space.

It’s important to consider the type of construction involved in the project too. Unless you are using decorations exactly as purchased, you may need to allow time to put things together, whether it is setting up the design or making it from scratch. Some handmade projects can add an interesting layer of personality to your big day, but keep in mind that if this isn’t DIY, you should expect to pay a bit more to have your expert put things together.


How long you need a decorator’s help for will certainly influence the cost of your project. It’s important to plan ahead to know what to ask for to receive accurate pricing that you can work out into a good budget. If you are looking for decorating for the ceremony and reception, you can expect to need your decorator’s help for several hours to a few days to prepare properly. This may or may not include removing the decorations afterwards, so be sure to inquire before you book to consider all aspects.

The size of the venue can also increase the time of the project — more decorations are required to fill up a space, so this will naturally take longer!

As mentioned above, creating or customising decorations will increase the time you need a decorator’s help. If you are looking for help with your vision in a consulting role, this adds on the hours as well. Keep this in mind when you work out how long you think you’ll need a professional’s help.

Experience of Wedding Decorator

To give you confidence before you hire, look at the experience of the wedding decorator. Seeing the type of work they have done helps you know they are qualified and that they have worked with a variety of decor items before.

Since there aren’t many certifications for decorating, recognizing their skill comes from how many weddings they have worked on and their style. Viewing their portfolio can give you great ideas for your own wedding while assuring you that the decorator knows what they are doing.

You should also read reviews to find out what others like about the decorator. Was it their style, efficiency or the price? Use the information in reviews to help guide you to the right professional.


It’s always best to hire a local decorator to reduce the impact of travel costs. Working closeby may mean their rates are lower than someone who needs to travel a fair distance. Use your wedding venue as the starting point for your search, and make sure to let your decorator know where the wedding will be held so they can plan accordingly. The information may also help them order and source decorations nearby, reducing the costs to bring in or transport supplies as well.

When you're planning a wedding there is a lot to consider! To help you simplify your budget planning for your big day, we've included the most popular wedding service in the handy chart below!


Decorations for your wedding are an important detail at what you do not want to forget. Working with an expert is a great way to lighten the workload for excellent results.

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