The average cost for violin lessons in the UK ranges from £27 to £40. If you plan to take longer or more frequent lessons then this could impact the cost. To easily compare costs from local violin teachers simply submit a free request.

The violin is a beautiful sounding instrument that a student can begin learning at any age. It's also quite versatile so anyone can learn to play it.

With any type of music lessons, it's important to find the right violin instructor. They'll be able to build lessons around your experience level to make sure your learning experience is easy and fun!

Lessons are the best way to learn this fantastic instrument. However, to get a precise cost estimate it’s always best to speak to your violin teacher directly.

Violin Lessons Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £27
UK National Maximum Cost £40
UK National Average Cost £30
Average Range £27 – £40

Included in This Price Guide


Before you learn how to play the violin, you'll need to make sure you find the right teacher! It helps to know what you're looking for so you'll get the most out of your lessons.


If you have a certain goal you'd like to reach with your lessons, make sure your teacher knows before you begin! They can design their lessons to help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you want to learn your favourite song or that of a loved one. Your teacher can focus part of your lessons on the piece so that with consistent practice you’ll be able to play it in no time.

Your music teacher can also help you learn how to play for a special event. That way you'll be able to wow guests with your new skills! Learning an instrument is also a good way to relieve stress.

No matter what your goals are for the violin, lessons will help you get there.

Student’s Experience

Make sure to pass on information about the student's musical background when you submit a request. Note down whether they can read sheet music or if they have experience playing another instrument. This experience can give the student a head start when learning a new instrument.

Even self-taught experience can be helpful! While taking formal lessons is the best way to learn, knowing your way around the violin is a great start.

If the violin is the student's first foray into music, let the instructor know. They'll need to spend some time going over music theory as well as violin techniques.

Musical Styles

Violin lessons will focus on teaching the basics of playing. You'll be able to choose between playing a classical violin or a fiddling style. Both are great to listen to, but each has its own unique flair nonetheless. If you aren’t sure which to choose ask your teacher for a recommendation.

A classical violin is a great choice for anyone interested in playing the violin. You can learn to play a wide array of songs with a classical violin basis.

Then, fiddling is a lively style that is well-suited for dancing. This style is often found in folk, and country western music.


Before you start your lessons, make sure you have the necessary materials.
You'll need to have access to a violin to practise on during your lessons and at home. Violins can be purchased or rented. If you need some help, ask your instructor if they have recommendations. They can help you find a quality instrument.

You may also want to look into sheet music or books. Music stores will have a wide selection of music for different skill levels.

Books usually start with easier pieces and grow in complexity. Learning with these will reinforce the skills you learn in lessons.


If necessary, you can request a certain lesson length to fit into your weekly schedule. It's important to give your teacher a long enough timeframe to teach the key skills effectively though.

Students who are beginners may need longer lessons to cover violin technique and music theory. You may also want a longer lesson so that you can get more in-depth with your chosen playing style. If you aren't sure how long is best, ask your instructor for suggestions.

Make sure you're also leaving time in your week for at home practice. You'll see the best results from your lessons if you dedicate yourself to learning on your own time as well.


You'll want to search for a teacher with experience playing the violin. Their ability can inspire you and give you confidence in your lessons!

For some musicians, this might be their first time teaching. As long as they have the experience with the instrument, they could still be an excellent choice of teacher.

You can also ask if they have a formal music education from a college of music.
Then pop onto their Near Me profile to check their reviews. Reading reviews can provide you with further insight into their teaching style from the perspective of past students.


The violin is a small, easily transportable instrument, so it isn’t difficult to take it to lessons located further out.

However, if you’re short on time you may want to choose a violin teacher who teaches locally or can come to your home. That way you won't have to set out as much travelling time to a studio.

If you are learning at home, make sure you have a quiet space set out for your lessons that is free from interruptions. This will allow you to focus better.

Is getting a room without interruptions a concern? Going to a studio will guarantee you have a great space for lessons.

Cost Comparison of Music Lessons


No matter which style of violin you plan to learn, hiring a pro is the best way to do it! With their help, you'll learn how to play properly in no time.

Your violin instructor can teach you both the basics of playing the violin as well as how to read sheet music. All that's left to do is practice.

Are you ready to find a violin teacher? Submit a free request for bids and discover local violin teachers near you!