In the UK, ukulele lessons cost an average of £17 to £30 per lesson, though this can vary depending on the factors discussed in this price guide. The ukulele is a popular instrument that can be a lot of fun to play. The best way to learn how to play the ukulele is with the guidance of a ukulele teacher.

Ukulele Lessons Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £17
UK National Maximum Cost £30
UK National Average Cost £25
Average Range £17 – £30

Included in This Price Guide


Learning any instrument puts music right at your fingertips. With the ukulele, this is literal! During lessons, you'll learn how to use both of your hands to make beautiful music with your instrument.

When starting out a ukulele teacher is invaluable. They can teach you the notes, finger positions and how to play chords. Your teacher will also introduce you to strumming patterns so you can play a variety of songs.

Musical Genres

A great place to start is with traditional Hawaiian songs. However, there are also many modern covers to try.  With a quick search, you can find ukulele covers of nearly any type of song!

The ukulele's unique sound can transform any song, no matter what genre the original is. You can even use it to play versions of your all-time favourites.

A song played on ukulele will sound very different than the original. So, you may want to experiment with genres until you find the right fit. There’s plenty of options too. Essentially, if it has chords, you can play it!

Experience of Student

Knowing how to read music before you start is helpful when learning to play a new instrument.

If you're familiar with another instrument, such as a piano, violin, or guitar you may even know how to read music and notes already. If this is the case your experience will provide the perfect building blocks.

You could also already know a bit about playing the ukulele. If you know the basics of how to hold your fingers or simple strumming patterns this will be helpful.

Let your teacher know if you are starting from scratch or if you already know some of the basics. That way they can plan the perfect lesson arrangements to help you succeed!

Buying a Ukulele

You'll need access to a ukulele for home practice. The best part? Finding the right one doesn't need to be hard. Basic entry-level models come in bright colours and are often available for many different budget ranges. This will be helpful down the line if you outgrow a beginner model.

Investing in a mid-range model with better strings and equipment can be worth the extra cost in the end. That way as you progress you won’t need to upgrade. Even these models are quite reasonable in many cases.

You can also ask your instructor if they have recommendations for brands or styles. They may even be able to offer suggestions on where to buy one.

Music Books

Just as with taking guitar lessons or violin lessons, you'll need music books to get the most out of your lessons. Your instructor may be able to recommend a title or two, as well as a place to find them.

Keep in mind when preparing your budget that purchasing a music book can add an extra cost to your first lesson. However, it will pay off as you work through the book and learn more about the instrument.

As you continue with your lessons, you may also need to buy additional books as your skills advance.


On average most ukulele lessons are 1 hour long. So by looking at your ukulele teacher's hourly rate, you should have a good idea of the cost per lesson.

An hour-long lesson provides enough time to learn music theory, as well as practical, practise time. After all, both practise and sight-reading are important when you first start out.

During your lessons, you'll also learn the chords, hand positions, and how to hold your instrument. Then, the ukulele instructor should also teach you how to tune your instrument.

The music book you've chosen may also feature in your lessons. It will likely contain basic songs that teach strumming patterns and essential chords. These songs are a great way to get used to playing the ukulele and learn about your instrument.

Experience and Qualifications

Whether you are a beginner, or you've had experience with a ukulele or another instrument like the clarinet, it helps to have a skilled ukulele teacher teaching you the instrument. This can take the shape of study or in years spent playing.

A teacher who has studied music academically can offer well-rounded lessons. This study may have taken place at either a university or a music academy.

To get a better idea of your ukulele teacher read reviews. This will help you learn more about their teaching style and personality, straight from the experiences of previous students. You can even find out what kind of music they specialise in!

If you connect with a pro on Near Me, you can read through reviews by popping over to their profile. Otherwise, you can ask them directly for reviews or references.


Some ukulele teachers may offer packages besides their individual lessons. These packages often have a set rate for a bundle of lessons.

This can help you plan your time. It can also be useful when fitting lessons around other activities or a school schedule with a set end date.

With a package, you commit to a certain number of lessons. Your package price may be less than paying week by week as you buy your lessons in bulk. However, it is always best to check with your professional to ensure that this is the case and to inquire if they offer bundles.


Your teacher's location might influence what they charge for lessons as well. The local cost of living may be higher where they live, in which case this would be reflected in their hourly rates.

You should consider transportation costs as well. If your lessons are in a music studio or your teacher's home, you'll need to budget for travel costs. These costs will likely be higher if you are going into a larger city.

No matter whether you are travelling to a teacher or they are travelling to you, transportation costs will play a role in the overall cost. So remember to budget for ahead this.


Playing the ukulele is a great way to learn new skills and explore your musical passions. No matter what’s motivating you, hiring a teacher is one of the best ways to learn an instrument.

A qualified professional can help you learn ukulele or improve your skills. Playing music can be a relaxing activity and it's well worth the investment in lessons. When you find someone who's passionate about music and you'll enjoy the learning experience.

Scheduling regular lessons can also help you create good practising habits. Then with regular practice, you should find that your skills improve faster.

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