On average Spanish lessons in the UK cost around £25 to £35 per lesson. The cost for each of these sessions can then vary based on the length of the lessons, frequency, and level of Spanish you're taking. For a deep-dive into how these factors can influence the cost of Spanish lessons simply keep reading this comprehensive cost guide.

Learning a language is a good way to keep your mind sharp. It can also come in handy if you're travelling to a Spanish-speaking country. Students of any age will enjoy learning something new!

A Spanish tutor can teach you the basics or offer more intensive study. Hiring a tutor will give you more confidence in your abilities. It's a great way to learn whether you're a beginner or looking to refresh your skills.

In this guide, we answer your top question – how much are Spanish lessons? Easily find out the cost to learn a new language and pursue your passions!

Spanish Lessons Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £25
UK National Maximum Cost £35
UK National Average Cost £20
Average Range £25 – £35

Included in This Price Guide


Figure out what you're looking for in a Spanish teacher before you begin lessons. This way, you'll find the perfect pro!

Experience of Student

Learning a new language is possible for anyone! Tutors will take on students of all ages and experience levels.

It is important to find someone who'll be a good fit. Your tutor needs to know if you have any background in Spanish. This will help them plan more effective lessons.

A tutor may give you a test to gauge your experience. This can help them plan out lessons to refresh your skills.

Just starting out? Make sure to let potential tutors know you're brand new to Spanish. They'll make sure your lessons suit your experience level.


Before starting any project, it's a good idea to think about where you want to be once you've finished. Planning to take a trip? A basic conversation will help you get along with the locals.

You'll need to know how to read the basics as well as how to speak comfortably.If you want to be comfortable reading, writing, and speaking Spanish, set higher goals. Full fluency will take more time to achieve, but it is possible if a tutor knows your goals.

Then, perhaps your work requires you to know a second language. In this case, it’s important you are fluent and comfortable with Spanish in this setting.

Learning Materials

You may also want to look into a Spanish workbook to help you learn. Language workbooks give you exercises to practice your new skills. They'll also make sure you're learning in a well-rounded way. You might even want to pick up a book in Spanish to increase your reading comprehension!

Your tutor may recommend certain books to use in your lessons. They can also help point you towards books to help you practice at home.

The more time you spend with these materials, the better your Spanish will be. Of course, these materials are no replacement for working with someone on your lessons.


Most Spanish lessons are scheduled for about an hour a week. This gives you enough time to learn a lesson and practice with your instructor. If you have a full schedule, you may want shorter lessons.

Your tutor can work with your requests or make recommendations based on your goals. The departure date for your trip could mean you need longer, more intense lessons!

Make sure that you also leave time for at home practice. It's a key part of the learning process! You may need to do some work at home, like doing language exercises to support your lessons.

Frequency of Lessons

Once you've decided on the length of a lesson that works with your schedule, think about how often to go.

Most tutors will recommend you have a lesson at least once a week. You can bump up the number if you want to learn more quickly.

You'll also want to consider your goals as you plan how long to take lessons. Your skills will stay fresh with regular use. Your tutor can keep you current if you stick with your lessons.

Regular lessons are the key to successful learning. Your Spanish skills will get better the more often you meet your tutor.

Teacher’s Experience

How much it costs to learn a new language will also depend on the teacher experience. Spanish tutors with years of experience will have their skill set reflected in the rate they charge.

It's important that you find a tutor you're comfortable with. After all, you'll be spending a lot of time together!

Your tutor needs to have excellent Spanish skills as well. If they know the language well, they'll be ready to teach. This includes language rules and pronunciation. Teaching certification can help reassure you that you're learning from a pro.

For extra reassurance, look to the tutor's reviews. Reading about previous students' successes can assure you that your tutor is qualified. Let positive reviews inspire you to start lessons with your pro right away!

To find information on your professional’s qualifications as well as to read reviews on them, pop over to their Near Me profile.


Finding a local teacher is a great way to fit Spanish lessons into your life. You won't have to worry about travelling a long way to learn!

Private lessons are often taken in the home. Make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free space to work in. This could be your own home, but your tutor may prefer to work from their space.

You could also look for a common space in a convenient location for you both. No matter where you choose to take lessons, make sure space will allow you to practice your Spanish out loud.


Learning a language can be a challenge, but the help of a tutor can make it easier. Whether you're learning Spanish to keep your mind sharp or to prepare for a trip, lessons are the best way to go.

A tutor will make sure you learn how to speak, read, and write Spanish. With time, your dream of speaking Spanish can be a reality.

Ready to start speaking en Español? Submit a free request with a few details about your goals for Spanish and find a top-notch Spanish tutor with ease.

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