Prices for running and jogging lessons in the UK are about £30 on average. Depending on the length of your lessons and the intensity of training needed you're looking for this cost could vary. For instance, marathon training may require more intense and frequent lessons and thus influence costs.

Running is a popular activity all over the world. You can enjoy running and jogging for fun or for exercise with the proper training. Running and jogging training is especially important for those just getting into the sport. A pro will help you reach your goals, whether you want to run for fun, exercise, or are training for a marathon.

Running and Jogging Lessons

UK National Minimum Cost £26
UK National Maximum Cost £30
UK National Average Cost £28
Average Range £26 – £30

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Your Current Health and Fitness

Take the time to assess your current level of fitness. This can help your trainer plan sessions to get you started with running.

Let your trainer know if you have any health concerns before you start. They may need to adjust the sessions to suit your current level of ability.

Are you already working out with strength training or aerobic exercise? Or perhaps you work on your flexibility through yoga or Pilates. Even playing sports can help get you ready to run!

Any existing exercise program will help as you start your training.


If you're looking to get fit and healthy, running is a great way to exercise. It gets your heart rate up and helps to increase blood circulation through your whole body. This type of cardiovascular exercise can tone your muscles and helps lead to weight loss.

With regular training, you can increase your endurance. Running can build up your stamina for other activities and for your daily life.

You might also want to train for an event like a charity run or a marathon. With the proper training, you'll be able to run several miles for a strong finish!

Experience With Running

Trainers can work with runners at any level, from total newbies to regular runners. Anyone can enjoy a trainer's help and encouragement to go further with running!

If you're brand new to jogging, tell your trainer before you begin so they can get you started.

You'll want to begin carefully so you don't strain yourself. Trainers can also teach you the proper way to warm up and cool down.

Even experienced runners can use the help of a pro to improve your abilities. You can work on improving your speed and stamina to get even more out of your run.

Group vs. Private Lessons

You'll have a choice between group or private sessions. Most trainers will offer both kinds, but if you have a preference be sure to ask. That way, you'll be sure to get the type of help you need.

Training on your own will give you more personalised attention. You may want to choose this type of session if you have any health concerns. Your trainer will create the perfect plan to get you on your feet.

Group lessons are great motivators! You'll learn with others at your skill level. This is a great way to learn as you start out. You can even challenge each other to go further!


Most trainers will recommend a session of 30 minutes to an hour in length. You may want to start out with shorter lessons while you work on running properly. As your stamina increases with training, you'll be able to take part in longer sessions.

It's important to meet with your coach regularly. If you have a goal with a set date, such as a marathon, you may want to book more frequent training sessions.

Daily lessons are a sure way to get started with running! If you have a busy schedule, you can choose to meet with your trainer every week, fortnight, or month.


It's important to find a running coach with experience. An established trainer will be able to teach you proper running techniques. This can help you lower the risk of injury as you train.

Or, perhaps your pro is an accomplished runner. They can use this first-hand knowledge to help you!

You'll also want to read through any reviews posted about the trainer. Reviews can tell you what a trainer is capable of, and you can find out how others enjoyed their training style.


You may want to have your running coach travel to you for training. This way, you'll be ready to go when they arrive! You'll also be able to refresh yourself at each session in the comfort of your own home. A pro may charge you to cover their travel costs, so try and find a local pro to keep these costs low.

You may also want to meet your running coach for your sessions. Ask your pro if there is a park or gym they like to use for training. They'll know the perfect location for your runs!

Price Comparison of Popular Fitness Services


Running is a fun way to get fit and increase your endurance. With the help of a running coach, you'll be able to take to the streets for great exercise!

Proper training is important, whether you run daily or are preparing for a marathon. You'll want to find a coach who'll motivate you on your journey.

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