In the UK online life coaching prices can range from £50 to £75 per session. Depending on the length of the session, as well as the other factors discussed in this price guide, costs could vary.

Online life coaching is a convenient option for meeting with your life coach remotely. If you feel like you need some guidance around different areas of your life such as career, stress management, or creating a plan to reach your goals – an online life coach can help!

Online Life Coaching Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £50
UK National Maximum Cost £75
UK National Average Cost £60
Average Range £50 – £75

Included in This Price Guide

The Focus of You Coaching Session

When booking an online life coaching session you'll want to prioritise your particular goals as the focus of the session. So a great first step in hiring a life coach is to decide on this focus first. This ensures that when you meet with your life coach you'll be able to connect with a professional who specialises in your priorities such as a career coach, health and wellness coach, or stress management coach.

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Career and Professional Coaching

Depending on their specialisation, an online life coach may be able to offer insight into next steps on your career path. This can be helpful if you've recently graduated, are looking for a new job, or are looking for help in building confidence before you transition careers.

Then when you have a clear of which career path you'd like to pursue, a CV writer can help you get your CV in top shape!


Online life coaching can also help you develop positive relationships with the important people in your life, whether you're looking to improve professional relationships with co-workers, friendships, familial relationships, or romantic relationships.

Developing Positive Habits With a Confidence Coach

Building positive habits can change your life—for the better! Positive habits can help you discover your confidence, and find more joy in your life. When working with a life coach they'll help you to clearly identify how to build positive habits in key areas of your life.

Dealing With Stress

Online life coaching can also help with stress management. Your coach can offer tools to help you approach stress, worries, and fears in a constructive way. This can help you to overcome this obstacles to live your best life.

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Looking to build a deeper connection with your spirituality? An online life coach can help with this as well. They can help you to discover a better understanding of the spiritual path you're looking for and help you find an approach to spirituality that works for you.


When you've found a life coach who has insight that aligns with your goals, then it's time to decide on the frequency and length of your sessions.

Generally online life coaching sessions are one hour though they can be flexibly longer or shorter to fit your schedule. A weekly life coaching session is a great way to start. Then from there you can work with your lfie coach to identify if more frequent or fewer life coaching sessions are best aligned with your goals.

Life Coaching Experience

The experience and expertise of your life coach is an important consideration. To get an idea of which area of life coaching they specialise in look to their Near Me profile first. Often they'll list their qualifications or share this with you in a bid message. That way you can feel confident you're hiring the right coach for your goals!

Reading reviews from past clients in another great insight. Top reviews from past clients can help you rest assured that you're hiring a coach who is an experienced professional.

Location – Online Life Coaching

Online life coaching naturally takes place online. You can conveniently arrange a time that works best for you and your coach. Then you can easily meet with your online life coach through Near Me Video Calling. Alternatively you might decide that a phone call works best for you. Either way, online life coaching is a great way to work with a life coach from the comfort of your home!


Goals are a great way to provide direction and focus to your life. Ready to hire a top online life coach? Simply submit a free request then compare bids from top online life coaches and hire the best. Simple.

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