In the UK guitar lessons cost an average of £25 to £35 per lesson. This price can then vary depending on the length of your guitar lessons as well as how often you take guitar lessons. Longer lessons will naturally increase costs. To compare cost estimates from top guitar teachers in the UK simply submit a free request!

The guitar is a fun instrument to play! It can be very tempting to just pick up a guitar, but lessons are an important part of learning how to play. They can guide you through the essential whether you’d like to learn electric, acoustic or bass guitar!

Taking lessons is a great way to get started learning the instrument. You'll want to be sure you find the right teacher.

Guitar Lesson Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £25
UK National Maximum Cost £35
UK National Average Cost £30
Average Range £25 – £35

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When looking for a guitar teacher, you'll want to find someone that gives you exactly what you need. Think about what you're looking before you start your search. This will make the process simple.

Musical Genre

Take the time to figure out the type of music you're hoping to learn. The guitar is well suited to many different genres so you'll have plenty of choices!

Consider whether you're interested in learning country, rock, popular music, or another genre. Think of your favourite songs for guidance. They can help point you in the right direction towards the type of music you should learn.

Make sure to pass on your preference when you look for a teacher. It's best to find someone who's prepared to teach you songs in your preferred genre. You may need to learn special techniques in some genres like classical guitar.

Frequency of Lessons

It's important to keep some consistency in your lesson schedule. You should expect to have lessons on a regular basis. This will give you the best path to learning a new instrument.

Most tutors recommend weekly lessons. This will keep your lessons at the forefront in your mind so the material stays fresh.

You may have the option of signing up for a series of lessons as well. These series will have set goals. This can include learning certain skills or being able to play a certain song. Once you've met with your guitar tutor, you'll be able to decide on the best lesson plan.

Make sure to leave time for practising outside of your lessons. You’ll get the most out of your lessons with regular practice and be able to properly develop your skills.

Additional Materials

After you've selected the guitar you'll be learning with you may need to look for other materials as well. Beyond the guitar, you may need things like a travel case or guitar strap to play comfortably.

Then, when you first start your lessons, your tutor may recommend that you pick up an instructional book. Books are ranked by skill level, so you're sure to find one that works for every experience level. These books are a great investment.

Your instructor may be teaching you how to use a pick with your instrument. They can make recommendations on the material and style, but it's best to figure out what you like. It's really a personal preference.


Guitar lessons are usually thirty minutes to one hour in length. The exact length will depend on any arrangements you make with your instructor.

When you first start learning, you may find that your fingers get sore from using the strings. This is normal, but if you have concerns, you can start out on the shorter side when it comes to lessons and increases the length of time as you get used to playing.

Teacher’s Experience

Most guitar teachers will have years of experience playing on their own, but you should ask if they have experience teaching as well. It is always best to talk to your instructor to get an idea of their teaching experience first. They may have even obtained a certificate or degree in music from a school. To find out, simply ask.

To get a more rounded idea of their experience you can also ask about reviews or testimonials from previous students. These can also be seen on their Near Me profile.


Guitar lessons for kids near me or guitar lessons for adults can either be taken at home or in the studio. Both options have their benefits. You'll need to figure out which makes the most sense for you.

At home can be very convenient, especially if you have a busy schedule. You won't need to add unnecessary travel time! You will need to make sure you have your instrument ready to go into a quiet space suitable for lessons.

Studio lessons will guarantee you have a quiet room for lessons. If you do though, simply make sure to allow for travel time to the studio when planning your day.

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Learning an instrument can help boost your confidence and you’ll also be able to explore your creative, musical side as well.

A tutor can teach you all about the guitar to give you the best start or help you develop your skills. Whether you want to learn electric, acoustic, or bass, a teacher is the best way to learn.

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