Event photography in the UK generally costs an average of £150 to £300. Depending on the event, its length, and location this price range could then vary.

Event Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £150
UK National Maximum Cost £300
UK National Average Cost £210
Average Range £150 – £300

Included in This Price Guide

About Professional Event Photography

Are you considering hiring a professional freelance photographer for an event you're planning? Then you might be wondering about professional photographer prices, more particularly photographer prices in the UK. In this price guide, we've gathered average professional photographer rates to help you hire the best and stay on budget.

For convenience, the section above highlights national UK photography prices or simply pop in your postcode to get free estimates for UK photoshoot prices specific to your area.

Considerations That Influence UK Event Photography Prices

Whether you’re hosting a stag do, birthday party, or even a corporate event, an event photographer can capture your memories in photos, which is the true value of professional freelance photography. You can choose to receive your final photos digitally or physically. Many photographers offer a private online gallery where you can order specific prints.

No matter the size of your event, a photographer can preserve your event for years to come. If your guest list is just close family, that’s perfect. If you’re hosting your entire company at a museum, that’s great, too.

There are several factors that go into an event or party photography bid, so keep reading to learn more!

Pricing Options For UK Photographer Rates

This section focuses on the different pricing options which professional photographers may provide. How a photographer determines their pricing whether hourly, as a package, or day rate will depend on their business. If you have any questions about your photographer's particular pricing model simply ask!

How Much Does an Events Photographer Charge Per Hour? – A Look at Photography Hourly Rates

Generally, professional event photographers charge an hourly rate instead of a fixed price. This is because each event varies in length and labour requirements. The average hourly rate a photographer in the UK charges is then about £100.

When you're submitting a request to find out how much a professional photoshoot is, keep the following in mind.

When you receive your estimate for the cost of professional photography it may also include a rate that differs based on your photo editing requirements. Then in other cases, the hourly rate they offer may contain an estimate for a higher rate that includes photo editing and additional services as well.

When you are receiving bids for events photography, check out what the photographer is including in their rate. You want to know what your rate includes and how much your professional photos cost before you sign on the dotted line. A professional photographer will be transparent about the services they provide for the cost.

Photography Packages Costs

If your events photo team does offer packages be sure to ask for details about what the package includes. For instance, you'll want to know what sort of event coverage the photography rates include. This means sorting out whether the package includes the photographer's presence for the entire duration of the event or a partial amount of time, and whether photo editing is included.

If you are looking to include videography as well, you should also inquire whether there is a package combining photography and videography services.

Photographer Day Rates

Some photographers may also decide to offer prices based on a day rate. In this case, a photographer's day rate would include costs for all the services they provide over the course of the day they spend shooting photos.

How Can I Tell If a Photographer's Rate is Competitive?

Photographers often aim to keep their pricing competitive as noted by event photographer Terry Lucas who shared insight into how he determines the pricing for his business, “At the end of the day the overriding factor is competitive pricing.”

By keeping prices competitive for prospective clients photographers can continue to pursue their passion for photography while growing their businesses.

So if you have any questions about what is included with your photographer's rates simply ask! They'll be able to describe what is offered and what determines the pricing so you as a client have a clear idea of what to expect from services to expertise when planning your budget.

You can also easily compare costs from multiple photographers when you submit a free request on Near Me. This will give you a great idea of average photography rates for the UK so you can hire a photographer at a competitive rate.

How Much Does a Photoshoot Cost Considering Image Format?

An additional consideration to be mindful of is, what sort of format you will receive your photos in. This section outlines some factors to keep in mind when choosing between digital photos and prints.

How Much Do Photographers Charge For Digital Images?

The cost for digital images delivered by an online dropbox, online photo sharing service, or removable drive like a USB is often included in your initial rate. This is because there aren't generally additional material costs associated with these.

Considering that the average price range for professional event photography is between £150 and £300 you can then generally expect that the cost for digital images be included with this. Still, it's always best practice to ask your photographer before you hire them about whether digital images are provided at an additional cost or included in their rate.

Event Photography Print Prices

The alternative to digital images usually comes in the form of photo prints. While digital images are often included in the initially quoted rate, prints can be an extra cost. This cost will depend on the size of the print, quantity of prints, and photo paper you will be printing on. To calculate the specific cost for your event photography prints, simply provide your photographer with as much information as possible. Knowing the print sizes, quantity, and materials will help them create an accurate quote for print prices.

Not sure exactly what your final print order will look like? You can also ask your photographer for an event photography price list that compares costs for different photo papers, sizes, and quantities! Using this event photography pricing list you can then choose the prints which will best fit your ideas and budget.

Is There a Minimum Time?

If a photographer charges an hourly rate, it’s likely that they’ll require a minimum number of hours of work before confirming a booking. After all, there is no way a photographer will be able to photograph your event and produce a finished product in an hour or two.

Photographers that have this requirement will let you know before you click “hire”. They may also offer a higher price for the first few hours, with a reduced price for each following hour.

This is quite different from wedding photography, as wedding photographers will likely offer an inclusive package at a set cost.

How Much Do Professional Photos Cost With Several Photographers?

Depending on the size of your event, more than one photographer may be required. Based on the information you provide in your request, photographers will be able to tell you if they need a second photographer or assistant. In this case, they can send you a photography price list that factors in the cost of multiple photographers.

The cost of a second photographer will either be at the same rate as your principal photographer or at a reduced rate, depending on their experience level and role in the company.

Remember that having two photographers for a large event will result in more images of a higher quality. You don’t want to miss out on key photos by hiring one photographer when you received the suggestion to hire two or more.

Photography Pricing and Location

If your event is taking place at more than one location, professional photoshoot prices and the cost of hiring an event photographer is likely to rise. Some photographers charge a travel fee when you want to visit multiple locations, while others charge a higher hourly rate. This is because they will be travelling separately from your guests to the event and will need to cover transportation costs.

When you are submitting a request for event photography, be sure to let photographers know the number of locations your event will be taking place at. You should also share the locations if they have been finalised so that your photographer can give you a more accurate cost estimate. This could include the average photoshoot prices in the UK for an individual location as well as photography fees for multiple locations so it is easy to compare and plan ahead.

How Much Should I Pay a Photographer Considering Experience?

As with most services, a photographer’s experience will play a part in how much your event photography costs and how much you should pay a photographer per hour or for a package. Less experienced photographers may offer their services at a lower rate, as they are looking to build their portfolio and build their skills in a practical setting. On the other hand, more experienced and expert photographers will charge a fair bit more for their skills.

The key is finding a balance between skill and price. You don’t want to jump for pro photography that's low cost simply based on the lower price. You don't want to have subpar photos of your event for the rest of your life. But you also shouldn’t spend your entire budget on event photography to hire a famous or highly sought after photographer.

After all, even the greatest photographers had to start somewhere. If you love the way a photographer’s photos look and they’re offering a price that works for you, go with your gut and click “hire”.

Event Photography Tips & Other Considerations

If your event is taking place in an area with a high cost of living, like London, you will pay more for event photography than you would in a different area. Keep this in mind if you live outside of the city centre and are hosting an event in an expensive area, as the costs will be different than they are in your home area.

When comparing the UK average photography rates of professional photographers keep in mind that photographers that use expensive equipment will charge more than photographers that use basic or budget equipment. This is because their rate needs to cover the cost of owning and maintaining their equipment.

However, like we said earlier, it isn’t all about the equipment. If a photographer doesn’t have the skill to operate an expensive camera, the photos will likely be worse than an extremely talented photographer using a budget camera.

Once you've found a great party photographer then it's time to secure the rest of the event details. After all, planning an event to remember can draw upon a lot of different elements. From catering to getting ready we compare costs for the most popular event services in the chart below!


There are many factors that go into an event photography bid and event photography pricing. The estimate you receive for how much professional pictures cost is influenced by each of these. So, to ensure you receive the most accurate price estimate for photography costs you should include as much information as you can in your request.

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