Nationally, engagement photography prices range from £150 to £250 per photoshoot. Depending on the length of the photoshoot and its location, among other factors discussed below, this cost estimate could vary.

Celebrate your engagement with high-quality photos! Getting an expert in to take your photos will guarantee you look fantastic. Both the price and the length of your engagement photography session will depend on your exact preferences for the photoshoot.

Engagement Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £150
UK National Maximum Cost £250
UK National Average Cost £200
Average Range £150 – £250

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When you get engaged it is a time of true celebration! You'll want to commemorate and share this news. So, why not find someone to capture your joy with a fantastic engagement photo shoot?!

Indoor vs. Outdoor

Location, location, location! Where you decide to take your engagement photos will play a huge role in the outcome of your engagement photo session.

Setting up for photos in a studio works all year round. Studio photography can guarantee favourable conditions for your photos no matter the weather outside. With a choice of simple backdrops, you and your spouse-to-be will be the focus of every photo.

Choosing an outdoor location for your photos adds life to the backdrop. Whether it's a picturesque field or the place you first met, your location can help your photos tell a story.

Photo Format

Before you commit to your pre-wedding shoot, determine what format works best. Most photographers shoot digital images, which can then be shared in different formats.

They may offer digital copies of your photos online, which is a convenient option. Your photographer will simply send them to you once they are ready. Alternatively, you can also choose to receive them on a CD or USB.

Prints and ready-made photo albums are another popular option. You can select your favourite photos and have them ready to share! Remember to allow a little extra in your budget to cover the printing cost with these options.

Outfit Changes?

If you have a few outfits planned for your photoshoot it can add colour and variety to your photos. It will also give you more options to choose from when you're making final photo selections.

Keep in mind that any outfit changes will add extra time to the photoshoot. To save on costs, just bring one or two different looks, and leave the majority of your closet at home.

Some photographers may limit the number of clothing changes allowed in a photoshoot as well. This is because when you change your clothes it takes time away from the actual picture taking! You won't want to miss out on the perfect photo by making too many outfit changes.


Once you've decided what to wear and where to shoot, the next step is to figure out how long your engagement shoot will take. On average they are usually about 1 to 2 hours.

However, your own shoot might be longer, depending on how complex it is. If you plan to shoot outdoors, it can take some time to get the perfect shot.

It's best to ask your photographer how long they expect the photoshoot to take. That way you won’t feel rushed and you’ll be able to take the best photos in a relaxed manner!


Reviews can reveal a lot about a photographer. They are where previous clients share their thoughts on their final images. If the reviews date back for a few years, you know your photographer has extensive experience. In addition to reading reviews, you can also ask your photographer about their experience with pre-wedding shoots.

Most photographers will share images of their work in a portfolio, whether digital or in person.

When hiring a photographer on Near Me take a look at their profile to see the photos they have uploaded from their photoshoots. Then you can use these samples to see if their style matches your vision!


Your photographer's location may affect their rates. Photographers in smaller towns or areas with a lower cost of living may charge less than those based in cities.

Don't be afraid to compare a few rates from different photographers. It's important that you find someone you're comfortable with.

For an onsite location, you may also need to cover your photographer's travel costs. This is usually a small fee, so don't let that sway you from an outdoor shoot. Most pros include any travel costs in the quote itself.

In contrast, if your photographer works out of their studio, a travel cost won’t play a role in pricing. However, they may need to cover studio rental fees. So in the end, travel fees for outdoor shoots and studio costs for indoor shoots often balance out in the final cost estimate.

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Engagement photos are a great way to share your great news with others. You'll also be able to preserve the memories of this special time.

Leaving your engagement photoshoot up to a professional can relieve a lot of stress. By hiring someone to take photos, you'll know they'll look great. Then you can start focusing on other pre-wedding details!

If you're ready to schedule an engagement photoshoot, why not hire your pro today through Near Me? Answer a few questions and submit a free request and receive bids from great local photographers.