The cost of hiring a professional DJ in the UK general ranges from £220 to £380. This will often vary based on the DJ's experience, size of the event, length of the event, and the amount of equipment they'll need to provide for the event. For instance, if a DJ will be working for an entire day this will naturally increase costs compared to a shorter event of a few hours.

DJ Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £220
UK National Maximum Cost £380
UK National Average Cost £300
Average Range £220 – £380

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Why Hire a DJ?

It's easy to make sure everything goes off without a hitch when planning your event from finding the best photographer to creating ambience with decor and of course arranging a fun event filled with your favourite songs!  

Whether you need music for a wedding, work function, birthday party, or a charity event, the right DJ will create the perfect atmosphere for your attendees and make sure everyone has a fantastic time that they'll remember for years to come!


There are a few considerations to take into account when hiring a professional disc jockey, as they may have an impact on the price, these are discussed further in this section.

Musical Genres

If you have a specific type of music that you want for your event, then this is something to talk with your DJ about before your event. Most professional event DJs will have a large library of genres, but you may need to look a bit further if you need something really niche. It’s also worth finding out if your DJ takes requests and what kind of music your guests will want to listen to.

Are there any specific songs you would like your DJ to play? If it’s for a wedding, you may have ten or so songs that you would like played throughout the evening. Beware of sending too many requests in advance to your DJ, as they need the flexibility to play to the crowd.

Type of Event

Weddings often require DJs to put in a lot of hours outside of the event, and of course, this may influence the price. For example, they will have to get into the venue and set up their equipment.

If you want them to provide background music during the dinner or speeches, this all adds up, as does requesting microphones to be used for the speeches. You are also going to be communicating with your DJ in the months leading up to the event, and this will inevitably mean that wedding DJs cost more than for other events.

Birthday parties may require a little less set-up and therefore might cost a bit less. Children’s birthday parties might mean more work for the DJ if they are interacting with the children, and thus may cost a little extra.

Additional Equipment

A great party not only has a great sound system with the best DJ speakers, but also lighting and back-up equipment too. Ask your DJ about what kind of lighting equipment they have, as this will be an important factor in the ambience of your event.

Keep in mind the amount of extra equipment that your DJ uses will also have an impact on the quoted cost, as it will take more set-up time. The DJ will also need to cover costs of the larger quantity of and higher quality of the DJ equipment for hire.

DJ Software

DJ software is another important tool which will come as part of your DJ's setup for the event. Though you might not see it, this behind the scenes online DJ mixer software is a high quality online tool which your DJ will use to expertly mix beats to create an amazing atmosphere for your event.

Number of Guests

Part of a DJ’s job is to read the room and play the right kind of music to keep the energy going and the crowd dancing. The bigger the crowd, the more equipment will be needed, for example, a bigger sound system and more lighting equipment. Also, the larger the party, the more diverse the age range is likely to be and the harder the DJ will have to work to please everyone at the party.


Of course, the length of time the disc jockey plays for will partially determine the overall cost. If you hire a wedding DJ to play background music during a meal and speeches, as well as at the party later, this will increase the overall cost.

You also need to think about the overall time that your DJ will be working. They need to prepare for the event, load their van, travel, set up at the event, pack down, and travel home after the event. This may mean that they are working several hours more than their actual playing time, so this needs to be taken into account.

It is also worth noting that some DJs will charge more if they continue working after midnight.

In addition, you might find that DJs cost more around busier times such as bank holidays and Christmas. Weekends can also often cost more than weekdays.

Experience of DJ

More experienced DJs cost more for a reason. As we’ve mentioned, a skilled DJ can read the room and keep the energy of your party high. The last thing you want is an empty dance floor and guests that just aren’t feeling the vibe of the night! So, make sure you find out what experience your DJ has. Have they played at similar types of events before? Do they have some good references? You can easily check their Near Me profile to see reviews from past events!


The location of your party will affect the price. London and the southeast are likely to command higher costs than other areas of the country.

Also, you need to consider how far the DJ has to travel to your venue. Hiring a local DJ will mean that you might avoid some travel costs.

Don’t forget to take access into consideration – can your DJ park easily outside the venue and get their equipment into the function room easily enough? Also consider the size of your venue, as this will determine how much equipment the DJ can bring.

Then if you're hosting an online event you may also want to consider the possibility of hiring an online DJ or virtual DJ remotely. A DJ online will use their access to high quality DJ music, DJ equipment, and music mixing software to create a custom soundtrack whether you're looking for songs topping the dance charts or a professional atmosphere for a corporate occasion. 

When you're planning an event there's plenty of factors you'll need to take into consideration. Check the handy chart below to easily view costs for some of the most popular event services on Near Me so you can start planning your event budget!


Make sure you hire a professional DJ whether you're looking for an in-person DJ to work onsite at the venue or for a DJ mixer online who can bring the life to an online an event. Take into consideration the time they will need to work on your event, their equipment, and the nature and size of your event. Speak to your DJ about all of your requirements, and the right DJ will leave you feeling confident that you have hired the right person for the job.