The national average for commercial photography in the UK ranges from £160 to £450. As this is an average the precise cost of your photoshoot could vary. This price guide takes an in-depth look at the factors which can influence commercial photography costs.

Commercial Photography Costs

UK National Minimum Cost £160
UK National Maximum Cost £450
UK National Average Cost £250
Average Range £160 – £450

Included in This Price Guide

About Commercial Photography

Pictures are one of the most shared items on the internet. Whether you want digital photos or plan to print, commercial photos help you connect with and impress customers!

But you need to start with excellent photos in order for it to pay off for your business. With a professional photographer, you'll have great shots to use.

Commercial photos can be blown up large for outdoor displays or for trade shows and events. Or you can keep them on your website or social media accounts. High-quality is a must for print advertising, and with a professional photographer, you'll be sure to get what you need.


Type of Photo

Take a moment to decide what type of photos you need for your business. This can help your photo shoot go smoothly.


Headshots help your customers put a face to your name. These photos are sure to convince people your team, and your company, are fit to be trusted.

Portraits can also feature your company at work. Pause a moment with the tools of the job to add some interest to a photo. These photos also work well for advertising or for sharing on social media thanks to the professional staging.


Product photography is a must if you have an online store. How else will customers fall in love with the items you sell? You’ll want product overviews and close-ups to give your customers as much visual information as possible.

If you sell clothing, don’t forget to shoot the dress or shirt on a model for an accurate picture. Then, choose from your best shots.

These shots can also assist customers with finding an item they already own and need help repairing or replacing.


If you’re in manufacturing or construction, you may want to show off your facilities. Photos can reassure people you have great equipment to get the job done.

You can also get artistic, dramatic shots of equipment for use in printed materials and websites. Ask your photographer for a black and white treatment to make the photos really pop.


Today, travel is a very easy style of photo to capture. Even far away places can be photographed with relative ease. By hiring a photographer, you won’t need to do the travel yourself!

These photos can capture an experience in a different place and culture. You can enlist the help of a pro to get beautiful shots to give your content an international feel.


The feature of this style is the world around us! Landscape photography puts the natural world front and centre. These photos always impress on websites and printed materials.

You can feature work you’re doing with a landscape shot or use it internally as your vision for building projects.

Perhaps you’re in agricultural work and want to show off a green field of growth. Or use it to present an idea of your company’s connection to the environment.


This is a specific type of photography aimed to promote your business. From headshots of your employees to capture them in action, this gives you great content for your website.

Photos can also show off the interior or exterior of your company to help potential clients or investors visualize what you do.

It may also include videography of different corporate events. If you need an archive of a conference you’re holding or a speech, turn to these pros for the best results.


This type tries to capture the unique details or shapes of a building. If you’re in the construction, engineering, or building design industry, this style can feature your best projects. It’s sure to impress potential customers.

It can also be a good choice to showcase your company’s office or other buildings. You may want this type of photography for your website and for use in print advertising.


Taking a great photo is no short task. From coming up with ideas to getting the perfect shot, it can be a challenge. Hiring a pro can help you with any step of the process. You'll have great photos before you know it!

After you know what photos you need, setting up the shoot can be easy. Plan for at least half a day for a simple photo shoot, or longer for more for more complicated ideas.

Don't forget to include time after the shoot for editing the photos. This can turn an average photo into a perfect one.


An experienced photographer will bring along the right equipment to take great photos. By going with someone with experience, you can be confident in the end results.

Take a look at your photographer's online profile for their portfolio. Sample shots can give you a sense of what their style is like. If you like it, you've found the right photographer! They may also list certain types of photography they specialise in.

You should also be able to read reviews from people who had hired the photographer. This can make you feel more confident that you'll be working with someone great!


Indoor pictures, whether at your business or in a studio, are a classic choice. This is a common location choice for pictures of the products you sell. It can also be great if you want to show your team in action.

Your photographer may also need to stay indoors to take photos during your company’s event or trade show.

For a more unusual approach, take things outdoors! This will add some colour to your photos and keep the shots looking vibrant. Remember that an outdoor shot relies on nice weather and may take longer to shoot.


Photos are an important marketing tool for any business. They can be used online, in print, or even put up outdoors to advertise your business!

Hiring a commercial photographer will get you high-quality photos. Since you work with the photographer to shoot pictures, you'll get exactly what you want. Then, you can use the photos in your marketing to increase your sales!

Ready to get shooting, but don't know where to start your search? Let Near Me help! Just answer a few questions and submit a free request for bids. You'll connect with great local commercial photographers who can make your company look great.